Corporate philosophyBarrier Value

Every person has his or her own shortcomings, weak points, and things that do not come easy. There are also those who have trauma or psychological complexes. However, those things should neither be overcome nor erased. What has been understood as "barriers" until now can be replaced by "strengths" and "value", depending on one's viewpoint and interaction with one another. By changing barriers into value, we will transform society.

MissionDesigning a future which we can paint in our own colors, a future where we can walk our own path

We all walk along a path toward the future, each possessing our own different colors of individuality such as nationality, sex, age, physical characteristics, and ability. However, the various inconveniences and impairments that exist in society obstruct that path. We will design a new society that enables us to maximize our value by leveraging our own viewpoints, experiences, and sensibilities.

VisionTransforming an individual's thought into a social movement

There are people who have difficulty having their voices heard in society or their feelings conveyed, such as persons with disabilities, older persons and sexual minorities. Many people including their families, friends, and significant others are yearning for society to become better. We are listening to the voices of diverse people and connecting them and businesses by carrying out activities which are socially and economically sound. With the thoughts of people and the empathy of society as our driving force, we will expand our business globally and into the future.