【NEWS in 日本手話&International Sign】「新しい生活様式」の具体例/New Lifestyle for long-term fight against Coronavirus - Examples







【ミライロ・コネクト 手話情報】
ミライロでは、新型コロナウイルスに関する情報を受け取りづらい日本に住む外国人の聴覚障害者や、日本手話を日常的に使う日本人の聴覚障害者に向けて、国際手話と日本手話で最新の情報を発信しています。配信する動画は2種類。「国際手話(International Sign)」と「シンプルな日本手話(Japanese Sign Language)」です。

多様な人たちに情報を提供し、情報のバリアを解消していくことを目指していますので、 皆さんも拡散などでご協力いただけると嬉しいです。大切な情報を、必要な人に、伝えていきたいと思います。 応援をよろしくお願いします。

This video explains some of the examples of the New Lifestyle recommended by the Expert Meeting on the Novel Coronavirus Disease Control.



The key points of the following document are explained in International Sign.
"Example of practicing 'New Lifestyle'" by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


In the previous video, we explained that the Japanese Government introduced the list of examples of the New Lifestyle with Coronavirus on May 4.

The list shows examples of the new habits you should adopt in your daily life to protect yourselves from the virus.

We introduced three of the examples in the previous video.
We hope you find the examples of other habits helpful to understand how to change your daily habits.

Basics for daily life
- Coughing etiquette
- Avoid 3Cs
- Check your health condition and stay home if you feel unwell or have a fever

In some scenes of daily life
- Shopping
• Pay cashless
• Refrain from touching items on display

- Leisures and sports
• Visit places like parks when not crowded
• keep a distance from others

- Transportations
• Avoid peak hours
• Walk or ride a bike when possible

- Dining
• Eat outside
• Do not share glasses, cups or plates

- For Parties and Ceremonies
• Avoid large group events
• Don't participate when you have a fever or symptoms of a cold

3. At work
- Telework
- Widen space
- Exchange business cards online

See the list for all the examples.

【MIRAIRO CONNECT Signing Information(MCSI)】
Mirairo Inc. is pleased to announce that we will be making information about the current Novel Coronavirus situation available to Deaf foreign nationals in Japan.

Information will be made available through video in simple Japanese Sign Language and International Sign. The videos will be available on Mirario’s website and on YouTube. Please share these videos in your communities.

We hope that these videos will help Deaf foreign nationals in Japan and keep them informed. Thank you for your support!
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